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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 27, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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performing, she is going to get up there and undergo a live colonoscopy or something. it was tackty, embarrassing but 10.1 million people watched and people are talking about it. i ask you, who is getting the last laugh? hey, that's it for us. "early start" begins now. chemical weapons attack the u.s. the syrian government slaughtered hundreds of its people. did u.n. inspectors find proof of the attack? we are live. burning out of control, a wildfire in and around yosemite national park spreading. how fast the flames are moving in the up hill battle facing firefighters. the man acquitted of murdering unarmed teenager, trayvon martin wants the state of florida to pay up. why he thinks it state owes him big bucks.
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>> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm michaela pereira. >> it's nice to have you with us on this tuesday. the world is asking what to do about last week's deadly chemical attack on the suburbs of damascus. the obama administration is making it clear they believe chemical weapons were used and blames the assad regime as u.n. inspectors continue to look into the attack and who may be behind it. fred is the only reporter in damascus. he joins us live this morning. what are inspectors planning to do today and what is the government saying? >> reporter: hi, michaela. the weapons inspectors are planning to go out again. our understanding is they plan to visit the eastern suburbs of damascus. that's what we are hearing on the ground. it's a place that apparently had
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the highest death toll in the alleged attack that happened last wednesday. yesterday, of course, the weapons inspectors went out to western suburbs of damascus and their vehicles got shot at. they managed to get on the ground. they gathered valuable information, soil samples and other samples. they were able to speak to doctors as well as victims of the alleged attack last wednesday. the inspectors, so far, have not gone out today. what's happened is earller today, the head of the u.n. in addition went out with the u.n. high representative for disarmorment to complain about yesterday's incident where the convoy was shot at. they were going to complain to the syrian government. it's not clear what sort of findings they have made. it's still evaluating. they plan to go out today to gather more information. michaela? >> grave concern and eyes of the world watching the situation
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unfolding. we are hearing strong language from russia warning there could be catastrophic consequences if the u.s. intervenes. do you think that threat is changing the mind of the obama administration and their stance or an effort to boaster support for assad's orders? >> reporter: probably is an effort to support assad. the russians went out and said any sort of strikes here would have grave consequences not just for the middle east but northern africa as well. they have been speaking against intervention. the assad came out with an interview with a newspaper saying intervention would lead to the death of innocent people. also, there's a press conference the foreign minister called for set to begin fairly soon. it seems as though the assad regime realizes that right now the international community, led by the united states, is very
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angry by what happened and they are willing to act. they are trying to stop that any way they can. they are trying to plead their case. it certainly seems as though they are getting the message that it is a very, very intense time at this point. the russians are still hanging on to the assad regime and trying to stop all of this. it es un clear whether or not it's still in the cards after that happened especially after we saw secretary of state kerry come out with a very, very forceful speech yesterday. that's certainly something that was heard here in damascus. we are seeing reactions. itis not statements. it's really something that is very unique. they are hearing the message. >> they most certainly appear to. fred reporting from inside syria in damascus. thank you. a senior administration official tells cnn the u.s. is working with yup piano allies to build a consensus on what to do next about syria.
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chris lawrence says american fire power is nearby and ready to act if they are called upon. >> reporter: within days, president obama's national security team will present him with the final detailed options and the administration is already making the case for taking action against syria. >> president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> secretary of state, john kerry accused the assad regime after gassing their own people and called it a moral obscenity. >> reporter: an official says four navy destroyers could execute a mission within hours. u.s. and british submarines are likely nearby all armed with cruise missiles. the extremely accurate tomahawks can be fired from 500 miles away with the ability to change course in mid flight. the targets include the delivery
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system that is can be used to launch weapons. militia training camps run by bashar assad. most importantly, the control centers. the options are not designed to overthrow assad's government, but send a message and deter further use of chemical weapons, president obama's red line. anytime you throw down a diplomatic outlet, the words have precautions. >> reporter: the president will back up his ul tim may tum. officials say they may not need a formal coalition to execute the response. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. obviously that situation is changing moment by moment. stay with cnn for the latest on what is happening in syria. i want to turn our attention to california. a massive wildfire is continuing to burn near yosemite national
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park. it's burning. it's taking thousands of acres of land with it. near is nic. >> reporter: huge plumes of smoke fill the sky as the rim fire rages nearly out of control. firefighters made small progress monday saying the fire is less than a quarter contained. the dangerous inferno is rated for extreme growth potential. the fire inched near yosemite national park growing to an area roughly the size of chicago. two dozen aircraft are being used to fight the fire. it's nearly impossible to access the force by land. this car, completely charred. the flames are miles from one of the biggest landmarks, yosemite valley, a rock formation that attracts thousands of tourists every year. >> visitors are through here by
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the thousands. this year, it's not going to happen. >> reporter: the fire threatens a reservoir. >> move all the ash and loose debris out of the water and the water gets contaminated. it's bad. >> reporter: towering sa quou yas, some of the oldest living things on the planet. the owner of this bar says it's peak season, leading into labor day. with the highway closed, she says her business in groveland is down 98%. >> everybody who lives here and owns businesses here is terrified. >> reporter: the economic impact yet to be seen. businesses are grateful for the firefighters risking their lives to try to contain the inferno. >> the very latest there from california. this is a concern, we are not in the middle of peak fire season. indra petersons is watching the forecast as we look at what could help or hinder the fire
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fighting effort. >> we hope it will cooperate. >> one of the biggest concerns we have is -- we'll show you on the visible satellite. you can see it from space. you can see the flames out there. more importantly, the fire creating its own winds within it especially up against the steep mountainside. low 70s. we are concerned about the 30% chance of showers today. it actually plays a part. we are getting more moisture in the air -- >> we are having some technical issues with the microphone. we will get that because it's important information. >> thank you, indra. back overseas, egypt's
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military planes and the crackdown on protesters. "the new york times" reporting they are listed in a campaign to advise soldiers and police that they have a religious duty for ousted president morsi. it's an effort to prevent rebellion. they killed hundreds of egyptians. emotional testimony from survivors of the ft. hood massacre. relatives of those killed by army major nidal hasan. they are hoping his testimony will convince jurors a death sentence on hasan. army private bradley manning's decision to drop the bombshell he wanted to live as woman named chelsea happened after a military prison said they would not provide hormone treatment.
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manning had been diagnosed with gender disorder. his attorney revealing his new middle name, elizabeth. questions for eric holder about reports the nsa is giving intelligence agent to drug agents. they will respond to the allegations the dea uses information from overseas wiretaps to launch investigations. if it's true, this is a serious overreach by the government. we are learning more this morning about the behind the scenes diplomatic chess game that kept edward snowden close for six weeks. he got stuck in a transit mode because of a move by cuba. cuba is said to have blocked his ent entry. government inching closer to
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another financial deadline. this time, mid october when the treasury says the u.s. will hit the debt ceiling and not borrow more money to pay bills. that is leading to more political back and forth with republicans saying they will not raise it again without more cuts. congress spent the money and should pay for it. the debt ceiling was last increased in january after the fiscal cliff stand off. we'll have more on this ongoing story in money time a few minutes from now. you might remember this, we are hearing from a man at the center of a political. a man put on a mask of president obama at a missouri state fair. it got him banned from the fair for life and led to death threats. it was all a joke, meant to be funny, not racist. >> this clown bit has been around for generations. i didn't think anything more of
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it than what we are done 15 years ago, ten years ago, five years ago when we have done it with bush and clinton and ronald reagan. i never did anything because of anybody's race. i don't care what color somebody is, if they are blue, white, green, polka dotted, striped. >> he isn't a democrat or republican, just a rodeo crown. if the president showed up at his next performance, he would be honored to shake his hand. the donald sued by the state for millions of dollars claiming his university is a fraud. one of trump's students is sharing his educational experience. george zimmerman asking the state of florida to pay up. why he believes the state should pay his legal bills. that's next. hey love. [off screen] there you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa!
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16 minutes after the hour. thank you for joining us on "early start." students are coming forward to talk about the lawsuit against trump university. the school has been hit with a lawsuit from new york's attorney general who claims it program was a bait and switch scam. some students say they were fleeced for tens of thousands of dollars. >> they sold us a bunch of nothing is what it comes down to. we paid a lot of money. they got a lot of money out of a lot of people in a short period of time. in the end, delivered nothing. >> for his part, donald trump denies the charges and said most students liked the courses. george zimmerman wants money back from the state of florida now that he's been acquitted. he asked the skate to reimburse him $200,000. witnesses, travel expenses and
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travel fees. two teenagers are in custody of a brutal beating death of a world war ii beating death in spokane, washington. they will be charged as adults in a botched robbery. the 88-year-old tried to fight back, something police think may have worsened the attack. both teens have been charged with first degree murder. >> a sad story. the sports world is asking where is lamar odom. he disappeared after a fight with his wife. his agent tells kardashian knows where he is and he is not missing. espn said he's in a hotel getting help for a drug problem. celebrity chef, paula deen has been dismissed. a judge in savannah, georgia
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signed off on a lawsuit with deen and a former employee. it's not clear if they have reached a financial settlement but it was dismissed with prejudice meaning it cannot be refiled. deen admitted to using racially insensitive words in the past. >> no more mcnuggets? >> what? >> i bet that got your attention. >> it did. >> maybe not. mcdonald's branching out and will sell chicken wings. yes, chicken wings, bones and all. they are called mighty wings. test ride in early september before it's offered to all stores nationwide. wings are the fastest growing category. >> you scared me, no more mcnuggets. >> sorry. it's not fair, is it? coming up, taser shocking
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the big story in washington and wall street this morn sg the united states will reach their debt limit of borrowing authority. the treasury secretary said unless congress racing the debt ceiling, the country will only be able to save the cash we have on hand. $16.699 trillion is a level republicans say we are not going to keep borrowing and borrowing. we are going to start living within our means. lew says congress should act to protect america's good credit well before risk of default. a combination of debt fears, intention of the situation in syria sent stocks lower on monday. it was the 12th down day in a month. it's the longest losing streak since august. ladies, there's a bright spot. average 401(k) balances up 10% in the second quarter.
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fidelity's average $80,600 up 10% from the same time last year. if you have been at a job ten years and been in the plan that long, the average, $211,800. it's up 19% from a year ago. that is a good number there for people to take home with them today. taser stock on a scare. taser makes a stun gun, but the stock surged 30% over the past two weeks. two weeks! not because of the gun. >> why? >> expected demand for the wearable camera. it has a camera you can wear on a police officer's vest. stock started rising after a judge ruled the nypd's stop and frisk strategy. a one-year pilot program would equip cameras. for more, check out this story on the story about taser and the
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wearable cameras, very, very interesting. any of you ladies surf? >> no, i would love to learn, but i think it's too late. >> i'm scared of sharks. >> excuses, excuses. if you are a surfer, you have probably heard the name, billabong. it's with the '90s, surfing era. the name is worthless by the company. the australian company wrote down to zero after a $773 million loss. the company closed 93 stores this year. the resignation of the ceo, kind of a corporate mess story. a story you read about in business school. billabong. >> we won't see the surf gear. >> i saw it this weekend at the beach. a teeny bikini. watch to see if there could be a
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red line crossed. the u.s. confident the syrian government massacred hundreds of their own people in a weapons chemical attack. is it enough to intervene in the country's two-year civil war? a heat wave blanketing the midwest. temperatures 20 degrees above normal. heat so intense it's shutting down. indra petersons is tracking the
2:31 am
forecast for us. hello again. >> good morning. a big, scary cat terrifying residents in detroit. some scared to leave their homes. look at that thing. what is being done to find this giant feline. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> my goodness is right. welcome back to "early start." i'm pamela brown. >> i'm michaela pereira. 30 minutes past the hour. could the u.s. be getting closer to getting involved in the syrian civil war? the assad regime used chemicals against his own people. there are many signs a time of dm diplomacy may be over. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry issued a stinging indictment. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it is undeniable.
2:32 am
>> reporter: he accused syria of slaughtering. >> this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. >> reporter: it was an unmistakable message from the state house to the white house. >> this violation has to be taken very seriously. >> reporter: since last week's gas attack, the obama administration is punishing bashir al assad. the leading option officials say, tomahawk missiles aimed at destroying chemicals in syria. the administration wants international approval. with russia on the u.n. security council, the u.s. is talking with nato partners and mideast allies. >> if action is taken, it will be in concert with the international community and within the framework of legal
2:33 am
justification. >> reporter: there's no shortage of models for military action from libya two years ago to kosovo in the 1990s. last month, the chairman of the joint chief's, martin dempsey said it could get messy saying should the regime's collapse in the bible opposition, we could empower extremists or unleash the chemical weapons we seek to control. colin powell urged caution. >> i am less sure of the resist tense. is it becoming more radicalized with al qaeda coming in. what would it look like if they prevailed and assad went. i don't know. >> reporter: after the images of horror out of syria, the president's tone seemed to shift in an interview with cnn. >> it is fair to say, as difficult as the problem is,
2:34 am
this is something that is going to require america's attention and hopefully the entire international community. >> reporter: john mccain said it is time to act. >> if the united states stands by and does not take serious action, not just launching cruise missiles, then again, our credibility in the world is diminished even more if there's any left. >> reporter: as for consultations, john boehner's office claimed the white house was not in contact about military action. then the white house said they had been in touch. there are little substance in the phone call. jim ma costa, cnn, the white house. turning to yosemite national park. the wildfire threatening homes in the landmarks. using aircraft to try to slow the blaze. the fire stands at 160,000 acres
2:35 am
burning. 4500 structures are threatened. the fire is at 20% containment. in parts of the midwest, scorching temperatures reeking havoc with back to school plans. they are all expected to climb into the 100s today. since most schools there have no air-conditioning, it's not safe for students to be in class. they are being let out early. >> this is horrible. it's hard to -- to concentrate. >> it's really hot and it's hard. we are sweating and stuff like that. >> you feel for them. teachers and parents are bringing in fans and ice and encouraging them to drink lots of water. >> popsicles for dinner. >> 20 degrees above normal in the midwest, is that right,
2:36 am
indra? >> literally right. it's the opposite of snow days. first week of school, it's a big time. the temperatures are insane. we are talking excessive heat warnings. a big chunk of the midwest dealing with this. this huge dome of high pressure stubborn. des moines, iowa, today, 103 degrees. this is not a dry heat, either. that is 20 degrees above normal with the hot, sticky, humid weather. minneapolis, 96 is 18 above. chicago, 96. this isn't a one-day event. tomorrow, the temperatures not fluctuating too much. we are looking at temperatures a good 15 to 20 degrees above normal. that heat is here to stay. we'll talk about the other thing going on. we have the jet stream close to the great lakes region. severe weather is possible. a few places could see relief. we are looking for the thunderstorms popping up. scattered in nature.
2:37 am
where they are, they could be severe. we'll watch that around the great lakes. the rest of the area looking for a wave. late afternoon tomorrow, we'll look atmore showers spreading into the northeast. it feels like summer, that's for sure. >> it's hard to concentrate when it's hot like that. no energy. exactly. thanks so much for that. staying with weather for a second, in phoenix, it seems another day, another massive dust storm. the wind from a nearby front pushed this icky looking cloud around. visibility down to a quarter mile. dust storms like this have become a regular occurrence there in arizona. nearly a year after superstorm sandy knocked out power to a wide part of new jersey including the rail system, the state and the department of energy are working on a so-called microgrid. it's an independent power grid
2:38 am
to keep it going in the event of disasters. no start date has been announced, yet. meanwhile, no date for the sentencing retrial of convicted killer, jodi arias. a judge put offsetting a day for several weeks as prosecutors respond to a defense request for the twitter user names for jurors. juror interactions on the site should be monitored. a back-up juror had during the original trial. arias was convicted of killing her ex boyfriend in his home. in cleveland, two more homes near a site where three women were held captive were demolished. they took down the homes adjacent to his home. the plan is to turn it into a park or memorial. the neighbors are grateful the homes are down since gawkers were coming to look for evidence of what happened there. eight months after sandy
2:39 am
hook elementary school, students of newtown, connecticut are returning to school. they are greeted not only by their teachers but armed guards in place at the schools. the lessons will be visible in schools across connecticut with increased security measures put in place. the security chief at a nuclear missile base that failed a safety test is out of a job. h's been relieved of the command of the missile wing. it is based at the air force base in montana and operates a third of the nation's three nuclear missiles. he said in a statement he lost confidence in his ability to lead the group. a sad end to the search for an 18-year-old who went missing in oregon. authorities found the body of jonathan whose car was found abandoned in a wooded area. his father feared he went off into the woods in the spirit of
2:40 am
the book and movie, "into the wild." it's been investigated as a suicide. a young pennsylvania girl and her new lungs are set to go home today. 11-year-old sarah has been steadily recovering since she received a successful adult lung transplant in june. an initial transplant failed. her family said she is doing great. it will take upwards of a year to recover from the transplant. her story allowed children under 12 years old to be added to the adult transplant list. a massachusetts man facing a number of charges after he did this, slammed his pick-up truck into a convenience store. he tries to back out of the store. he was able to and sped away. police caught up with him a few miles away. the suspect is charged with
2:41 am
vandalism, leaving an accident scene and negligence. >> did he really think he was going to get away? >> did he think he was going to get away? my word. look at this photograph that's gone viral. that's je see and kelly. he's a marine corps veteran that lost his leg in afghanistan in 2009. they were taking photos when the photographer suggested they get in the walter. the pair had a better idea. >> he said you could pop your legs off and get on your backs and we'll take you in. that's how we get around sometimes. like at the beach. we do it all the time. it's normal. so he hopped on my back and we took a couple shots. >> i'm glad. >> it's kind of normal for us. it's because i think we represent a lot of people that are going through the same thing. it's just an honor to represent
2:42 am
that. >> the photographer says her facebook page has been overwhelmed with people looking at the pictures. he wishes he could write back and say thank you to every well wisher. >> tremendous and powerful. coming up, a giant, four foot tall cat. you think i'm making this up. there it is no longer prowling the streets of detroit scaring residents. we'll have the latest. s mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation --
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to dedetroit. the search of a big cat is no more. this cat, believed to be a savannah cat has been shot and killed. it was on the loose for days concerning residents. long legs, big ears and spots like a leopard. some said it was four fetal. it is a hybrid of the african feline and domestic cat that may
2:46 am
have been someone's pet at one time. >> this is like an african cat. this cat ain't from here, the stripes. it's just different. >> it's like mountain lion big. it's huge. this is a big cat. >> people are realizing that these animals don't make good pets. you can take the animal out of the wild, but you cannot take the wild out of the animal. >> the humane society was trying to catch the cat for days. wxyz said a cat rescue team said the cat was shot and killed. we do not understand why and no word is given as to why they chose to end its life. >> a lot of questions about that. >> yeah. >> let's turn it over to take a look at what's coming up on "new day." >> hello, chris and kate. what are you up to? >> nothing. >> when we are giggling, nothing. a lot coming up.
2:47 am
great to see you both. >> obviously, we are dealing with the situation in syria. a lot of quick movements politically here from the united states. went from we don't know what's going on, we have to have a lot of deliberate caution to now there is the belief chemical weapons have been used. u.n. inspectors are on the ground. the u.s. doesn't seem to be waiting. the question is, what will happen next? is there a punishment? the red line, we are going die sect it and give you information. we are the only western television station live on the ground. we will take you there. >> things are moving quickly. we have a "new day" exclusive. we'll introduce you to a fisherman was was thrown over board. he tread water nearly 24 hours with no life vest. he survived and is doing okay. we are going to talk to him
2:48 am
about the terrifying ordeal, how he was rescued and how thankful and relieved his wife is to happen v him home and what the rules are going to be the next time he wants to go fishing. >> that's a married woman speaking the truth. >> you are going fishing? i don't think so. go fishing in the bathtub. >> chris is not allowed to take part in the interview. this is an unbiased opinion. we have a lot of that coming up. >> see you both in a moment. coming up here an "early start," could tim tebow be out of the nfl? another team may be ready to send him packing. what he has to do to stay in the game on the bleacher report after this break. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me. the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first. it's mine. i called about that one. it's mine. customers: [ echoing ] it's mine, mine, mine.
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ncaa's investigation into
2:52 am
the heisman trophy winner. will he be disciplined for signing autographs for money? andy joins us with more. the entire football world is waiting to see what's going to happen with johnny football in college station. according to espn officials from the ncaa questioned manziel about his involvement with the autograph brokers. if they determine he accepted money to sign autographs, he could be ineligible for the entire season. they start their season saturday against rice. was it a good idea to have this season's super bowl outdoors in new jersey in february? according to people, it's going to be a disaster. they are predicting a barely cold winter for the northeast including superstorm during
2:53 am
super bowl week. they have an accuracy rate of 80%. they say it's way too early to predict what kind of weather we will see this winter. is time running out for tim tebow? saturday teams have to get down to a 53-man roster. he is expected to receive extensive playing time thursday night when the new england closes their preseason against the giants. tebow is listed as the patriots third quarterback. the first round in the u.s. open, serena williams was dominating her opponent. serena won, 6-0. she was demoralized by what was going on, went to the ball boy just to get a hug. she said after the match that it was a really, really tough day. >> sometimes you just need a hug. >> sometimes. makes it all better. >> thanks, andy. we'll be right back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy?
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♪ i bet that woke you up this morning. welcome back. 5:57 in the east. as it turns out the material girl is having a good year. forbes says madonna earned the most of any celebrity taking in $125 million between june of last year and this year. second, director and producer stephen spielburg. rounding out the top five, author e.l. james of "fifty
2:58 am
shades of gray." they made an estimated $95 million. not bad. that's it for "early start." thanks for being here. it's time for "new day." chris and kate, i hope you have a great show. >> see you soon. seeing madonna make all that money, used to think there was no line that could be crossed. they are back at it again. take a look at your clock. almost the top of the hour. you know what that means for "new day," time for your top news. the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> on the brink. a u.s. military strike against syria now on the table. could it happen any moment? we are the only network live in syria. defending yosemite.
2:59 am
firefighters finally able to slow the vicious wildfire tearing through the park. but, the weather today may not help. across the midwest, a brutal heat wave is forcing schooled to close. new twist in the george zimmerman saga. he's asking the state of florida to reimburse him for legal costs. we have the latest. >> your "new day" starts now. announcer: this is "new day" with kate bolduan, chris cuomo. good morning, welcome to "new day." 6:00 in the east. check out this, a wild scene in arizona. this is a giant dust storm known as a haboob. it swept through phoenix. airplanes grounded. we are going to have much more on that and the weird weather across the country. >> another wild weather day. plus a story we have been
3:00 am
following on "new day." a fisherman tossed from his boat, forced to tread water for nearly 24 hours to survive. the story remarkable. what he told himself to keep pushing to stay alive. and people chatting away on their cell phones wishing we could do something about it. this guy took matters into his own hands. we probably don't suggest this. that's coming up. >> i'd have been proud of that guy coming up. >> people are checking a suspected chemical site in damascus. the white house and secretary of state kerry no longer cautious about saying they believe the assad government is using chemical weapons. the question, will syria pay a price for crossing the infame us red line set by president owe ba that? we have this


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